The Infinite Roadmap Has (finally) Been Revealed!

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Earlier today, we got a pretty substantial post from Joseph Staten at 343. We finally have the long-promised road map!

For us, this is a huge deal. Since we work with game data to deliver a lot of detailed game information, any sandbox changes directly affect our workflow. From the looks of things, we’ll have new things to discover while not having to backtrack on old topics (outside of melee damage).

The biggest point driven home on this post is that 343 is still working on building momentum to deliver a true live service experience. Season 2 will be six months in length. And while this definitely isn’t the best news content-wise, there’s an important detail I’d like to highlight.

Our player-facing term for QoL updates that land during Seasons is “Drop Pods.” And much like their ODST namesakes, these release vehicles are meant to drop in hot, just as soon as they’re ready. Our target is one Drop Pod every month, and you can expect Drop Pods to vary in scope and size.

Joseph Staten
Head of Creative, Halo Infinite

One of Infinite’s biggest problems is match consistency. Between desync, melee clipping through enemies, and a hundred other issues we’ve all seen a thousand times, Season 2 very well may be the end of those issues. I definitely hate seeing another six month season, but I’d rather see time spent fixing these issues now instead of putting them off until later. You’d better believe we’ll be eagerly awaiting these monthly “drop pods”.

While not confirmed, it looks like Season 2 will be the ramp-up season into a big revival, possibly in Season 3. With the rumored “Tatanka” gamemode from Certain Affinity in the works, the goal might be to bring a lot of players back to a more polished Infinite. Infinite wouldn’t be the first live service game to have a rough start.

Ideally, we’ll get updates to MKB play, though this is unconfirmed at this time.

The Forge

343 is aiming for a September release for the Forge. And while this is later than initially anticipated, being able to get our hands on it around when we originally expected is nice. Originally, this mode was slated to release “during” Season 3, and it looks like they don’t want to delay it any further. With any luck, they’ll meet this target and we’ll get a Season 2 Forge release.


If you’d like to read the update post yourself (and you should), give it a read here. We’ll be sharing updates as they come, and we’ll provide insight wherever we can. Of course, if we watch wind of any further balance changes coming to Season 2, we’ll test run them and post our findings!

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PS: Anchor 9 Workshop info soon!

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