Season 2: Lone Wolves Roundup

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Happy Sunday, everyone. 343 has dropped a ton of great information about Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves, and we couldn’t be more excited. It looks like all of the changes are directly from player feedback during the inaugural season, meaning Season 2 may be the shot in the arm our game needs.

In addition to gathering news on Season 2, we also have important updates on our site in this post.

Halo Infinite Season 2 will be releasing on May 3rd, per 343.


Starting with the most obvious, we can expect two new maps, new modes, and all sorts of system improvements coming with the new season. In addition, many current cosmetics from Season 1 are getting value added with cross-core customization. 343 has clarified that not every item will work across every core, but they’ll be working on them on a piece-by-piece basis starting with helmets and chest pieces. Expect this to be updated over time instead of all at once, though I wouldn’t be surprised if future armors came with cross-core added from the start.

Being a community focused on learning and improvement, we were especially happy to see that Endless Weapon Drills are coming to Infinite. These drills will be a great way to practice your aim, and for new players to get a better understanding of how each weapon works. You can expect us to do our part and not only document the changes coming to the sandbox in Season 2, but also break down how they affect you, as well.

In terms of new modes, Last Spartan Standing appears to be the focal point in the trailer. While nobody knows for sure until 343 makes a formal announcement, images have been floating around Twitter for the last week or so.

Please do not be alarmed by the word “loadout”.

If this is the mode shown in the trailer, this may be an actual Battle Royale mode coming to Infinite. No doubt this will be talked about often as “leakers” pull information from Waypoint, but please take any information about it with a grain of salt.

All of the armor in the trailer has been confirmed to be a part of the Battle Pass for Season 2.

Our theory on this mode is that it will be a form of FFA Attrition, with your weapons changing as you get kills.

The announcement trailer for Lone Wolves shows off the two new maps coming to Season 2, as well. While we will likely focus on the new Arena map: Catalyst, I have to say that Breaker’s theme looks absolutely killer. No doubt we’ll see more on these maps in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait.


343 previously announced a global 10% damage nerf to all melee weapons. Using third party tools, we discovered that the Mangler is still very lethal, even with the decrease in melee damage. The biggest surprise was just how lethal it would be, requiring only a small amount of damage to make enemies vulnerable again.

Here’s the estimated damage numbers, keep in mind that players have a shield value of 140 and a health value of 90.

Standard Melee: 154 → 138.6?
Bladed Melee: 174 → 156.6
Shock Rifle Melee: 159 → 143.1
Ranked BR75 will keep it’s Season 1 melee damage of 154.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the question mark on the new melee value. We aren’t sure if the 10% damage reduction is exact, or if it will be rounded up so that melee still breaks shields. While we don’t entirely believe that 343 would make such a drastic change, the numbers do support it. We’ve reached out to 343 for clarification, but we have not received a response.

If you’re interested in seeing how some of the shoot-to-melee interactions have changed, we have you covered.

Everything shown is subject to change.

In the pursuit of knowledge, we ask for patience

The Infinite Multiplayer Library is here, and it can be accessed through the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

With each article, we aim to provide some details from weapon tags, observations, and two decades of experience. A lot of concepts are newer to Halo, even if we’ve experienced them behind the scenes since Halo CE. Damage bleedthrough is a great example: many players know what bleedthrough is, but have never seen it expressed in terms of damage numbers. This is one of the ways we want to go beyond answering “How?”, but also answer “Why?”.

While most of the data we need was pulled by us weeks ago, we’re still working on creating articles for a sizeable chunk of the sandbox. The work is hardly a problem, there’s just so much to get done. Of course, if you’re personally looking for more information on a specific weapon or mechanic, definitely let us know via Discord or Twitter so we can prioritize that subject for you. Your learning is our number one priority.

On this day, we become legendary

Welcome to the new This site is the culmination of years of work, research and most importantly- your support.

We wouldn’t be here if not for you and other players like you. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you.

Focused on learning, this site is built to not only give you information, but the tools and support to understand that information. Halo’s multiplayer is as varied and vast as it’s history, and that’s a lot to take in for new players. We hope that our resources here will prove valuable as you climb the ranks.

Community is a big deal for us. Without it, we’re strangers with a loose interest in the same things. Some of us have been here for 20 years, others are getting started with Halo for the first time. Anchor 9 is a home for all players, and we will be diligent in making sure that new players feel welcome in joining the conversation. We will work hard to encourage new players to ask questions and really get involved so that we can all grow as a community.

Our tools will be expanding over time, as well. While our Infinite Multiplayer Library is already a great way to peek under the hood and see the numbers that drive Halo, we will be working on resources to help guide people to best configure their systems, find hardware that works best for them, and even help navigate the niche parts of the community itself. Even if Anchor 9 is just a stop on the way to your home elsewhere, we’re still happy to be a part of your journey.

This is just the beginning for our community. I hope you’ll join us for the ride.


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