Season 2 Livestream Shows 343 Is Listening

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With less than a week away, Season 2 for Halo Infinite has been a hot topic of discussion, and for good reason. Not long ago, the road map was revealed to the community, and on the surface it didn’t seem to be much. A longer season, a few maps and modes, and the season’s new cosmetics. What that roadmap did not show us, however, is just how much 343 has been paying attention since launch. If you’d like to watch the livestream recording yourself, it’s available here.

The livestream opened up with a warm appreciation, with Ske7ch and Unyshek thanking the community for playing and being so patient. Quickly transitioning into gameplay, we got to see our first look at a new UI option coming soon: the ability to remove player outlines. While it may not seem like a lot, the game immediately felt more like with classic Halo with these outlines removed. It also felt like 343 showing they’re willing to peel back some of their design changes in favor of a happier player base.

343 even fixed Jorge’s shoulder armor!

Joseph Staten, Head of Creative would join the stream after a short intermission, where he went into detail about the new Drop Pod delivery system coming to Infinite. He described the idea as a means to get content to the game faster, without having to wait for a new season to get fixes, updates, and content to players. Their goal is to deliver these once a month, and Staten stressed throughout his entire time on stream that he was in meetings all day for planning features and getting content to retail as soon as possible.

It was here that I realized a major part of the problem our community has. While we are lucky to have such attentive members of our community that bring issues to everyone’s attention, we’re very quick to turn these conversations into fury and vitriol. While I’m hardly sensitive about people being aggressive online, it muddles the feedback and ruins the conversation… or worse: It get hijacked by a creator looking for a paycheck. While I’ll never tell you how to feel, I will ask beg you to consider putting the guns away and just having an honest conversation about whatever issue the community to working through.

More Bang for your Buck… and Time

The Battle Pass for Season 2 is a huge upgrade from Season 1. More items, more freebies, and honestly some great looking gear. There was a huge focus on value in the livestream, not just in terms of money spent, but also in time. Events will be about matches played instead of arbitrary challenges like getting Pulse Rifle kills in Fiesta. Again, 343 highlighted that this is a result of player feedback.

This Spartan was made using only items from the Season 2 Battle Pass.

You’ll also be able to earn a total of 1,000 cR on the Season 2 Battle Pass, allowing you to pick up some store offerings, or even save those credits for the eventual Season 3 pass. If you happened to miss Season 1, you could even go back and purchase that prior Battle Pass, as it’s not going anywhere. However, once Season 2 starts you will not longer be able to earn free items on the previous pass unless you purchase it. It’s still a great deal all things considered, and leagues ahead of anything else we see in the gaming space.

Lux Voluspa

Right before Unyshek would show tiers 50-51 of the Battle Pass, the stream was interrupted by a cryptic teaser for… something?

What if the phones… rang?

I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but after Joseph Staten pointed out the timing of the clip… it’s hard not to think it might be a new AI companion. Another surprise to look forward to in Season 2… or a new threat?

Anchor 9 Enters Season 2, as Well!

With Season 2 less than a week away, we’re taking some time to polish up our own work, as well. We are working to launch our forums, Workshop, and our very own event calendar shortly after Season 2’s launch. However, we would like to take this opportunity to share what’s in store for our fellow creators in our Anchor 9 Workshop.

The workshop is built around the idea of “Learn, Build, Share”, corresponding with our different pieces of the Workshop.

“Learn” refers to our Toolkit, which is a collection of resources to help arm creators with assets, while also being a means to direct newer Streamers and YouTubers to tools that will help them succeed. While we won’t be linking to “forbidden” assets like leaks and copyrighted content, we will be directing you to all sorts of tools and great places to level up your craft.

“Build” refers to the Workbench. This is where we get hands on with you to help you make something great. Whether you just want feedback on an idea, clarification on data, or even need us to get our hands dirty alongside you, we want to help you realize your goals.

“Share” is exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re making something that gives value to the Halo community, we want to help make sure people see it.

Everything you see here is completely free, just like the rest of our site. We don’t have a profit motive at Anchor 9, we just want to see the Halo community thrive. To this end, we do have a few requirements with our workshop. We only work with people that act with integrity, and want to make Halo a better place (like we do)! We don’t require you to join us or be a “partner”, and we will never ask you to pay us to post your work. We’re here to help. Plain and simple.

The Anchor 9 Workshop comes shortly after the Season 2 launch. We can’t wait to share everything we have in store. Please know all of this is possible because of kind people like you taking the time to check us out and show your support. It feels surreal being able to put all of this together, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been brought to tears by your kind words.

See you soon, and thank you so much.


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