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BR75 “Battle Rifle”

The Battle Rifle is the utility weapon of Halo Infinite. A Spartan’s best friend.

  • Damage: 12.73 per round / 38.19 per burst.
  • Melee: 154, Standard Melee
  • Ammunition Count: 36 per Mag | Max of 216 in Reserves
  • Fire Mode: 3 Round Burst
  • Reload Times: Tac ~1.45 Secs | Empty ~2.1 Secs
  • Headshot: Yes
  • Bleedthrough: No
  • Players spawn with this weapon in all Ranked modes.

Ranked Strategy

The BR75 is going to be your main weapon in competitive play, as it’s the weapon you start with and is a powerful all-rounder in the ranked sandbox. The BR75 is the perfect teamwork weapon, as it takes four bursts to kill, and you will be on a team four, as well. To this end, teamshooting is an essential technique to learn alongside your teammates in competitive play.

In addition, mastering strafing is also an essential skill not only in competitive, but also going up against the BR75 in general. Since the weapon fires in bursts, any shots you’re able to avoid will bring you towards a greater advantage (or a lesser disadvantage) against your opponent.

The magazine size of the BR75 is large enough to perfect kill three enemies. However unlikely this may be, be careful when you reload. Many players fall into the trap of reloading after every encounter, and in some cases you may be better suited to continue firing, saving that reload until after a critical teamfight.

You will likely always have a BR75 at all times during competitive matches, unless you run out of ammo and are forced to switch to a similar weapon like the VK78 Commando. It is recommended that you scavenge ammo off of fallen enemies (and teammates!) whenever possible by stepping over their dropped weapon.


In casual modes, you’ll find the BR75 on weapon racks on most maps. Replacing your Mk50 Sidekick with one of these will make you much more lethal, as you’ll have more range and still keep your precision capabilities.

You may struggle against the AR in close quarters engagements. In non-Ranked playlists It’s recommended to pair the BR75 with a weapon that excels in close range, such as the MA40 Assault Rifle or CQS48 Bulldog.