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In Halo, shields will typically absorb most impacts, protecting the Spartan’s health underneath. However, certain weapons are hardcoded to apply leftover damage after a shield break to health. This is the reason you can “two piece” with weapons like the Heatwave, where you shoot an enemy up close then follow up with a well-placed melee strike.

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Advanced Understanding

While most players get a feel for which weapons have bleedthrough, most don’t know to what extent they’re actually damaging health.

If you’re a visual learner, don’t be afraid to chart your calculations.

Using weapon damage values, we can easily figure out how much health is leftover after. We’ll use the Season 1 Mangler values as an example:

140 (Shields) – 174 (Bladed Melee) = -34 (Apply this Number to Health)
140 – 174 = -34

-34 means we can apply this number to health to find out how much health a player will have left after being struck by a Season 1 Mangler melee.

90 (Health) – 34 (Bleedthrough) = 56 Health Remaining
90 – 34 = 56

That’s a lot of damage!

After being hit by a Mangler melee, a player will have 0 shields and 56 health leftover. Anything dealing at least 56 health or any precision damage to the head will now kill this player. However, since we’re calculating damages, we can take this even farther. What if we dealt additional damage before the melee strike? We could simply add on some damage and see if we can calculate a player kill, all without even having to load up the game.

Using the S1 Mangler, let’s add one shot landed before our melee calculations.

140 – 71 (Mangler Shot) = 69 (nice)
140 – 71 = 69

69 (Remaining Shields) – 174 (Mangler Melee) = -105 (Apply this Number to Health)
69 – 174 = -105

90 – 105 = -15, meaning the player is now dead.

Salt, in chart form.

Congratulations! Now you understand the math behind everyone’s salt. If you don’t, that’s okay, too! Not everyone learns at the same pace. The most important takeaway is that you understand certain weapons will bleed through to health, and others won’t.