A new way to play Halo Infinite.

It’s no secret that Halo Infinite is in a rough spot. At times, the game can feel inconsistent, and at this point almost everyone has been a part of the input balance discussion. This is our attempt to help alleviate some of these problems.

The collection of gamemodes will be available via Agoat944’s File Share soon, but feel free to try these settings on your own!

On this page, we’ll be walking you through these changes, the intent behind them, and how they’ll affect you. Please remember that these are only available in Custom Games, and are not a reflection of an upcoming change or gamemode from 343.

Until File Share support is fixed in Infinite, create these settings in Custom Games to play. 343, plz.

Start with HCS Gametype of your choice.

ANCHr Settings 1.1

Grenade Damage Ratio: 80%
Melee Damage Ratio: 80%
Max Shield Scaler: 80%
Max Health Scaler: 120%
Forward/Back Acceleration Scaler: 80%
Strafe Acceleration Scaler: 80%
Time to Sprint Scaler: 10%

Double check you set Movement Acceleration to 80%, and not overall movement speed.

The following is a writeup from 1.0, and may not reflect future changes.

Player Shields reduced to 80%.
Player Health increased to 120%.

While it seems redundant on the surface, this is easily the biggest change in terms of how ANCHr plays. With the BR75 starting weapon, you’ll be breaking shields in 3 complete bursts, where the first shot of the 4th burst will deal the killing headshot. In official settings, it’s the final shot of the 4th burst that would kill. This creates a two shot flexibility with the BR75, which helps to account for issues with hit registration and aiming.

The health increase ensures that automatic weapons such as the MA40 feel consistent at lower skill levels. At higher skill levels, you’ll find that the increased health ratio creates a new level of lethality for these weapons, rewarding players that aim for the head once shields are broken.

Overall, the vitality pool remains close to retail, but most weapons are either more consistent, or have a new layer of depth to venture into.

Player movement acceleration reduced to 80%.

This change serves multiple purposes, but for many it will feel shockingly similar to older titles like Halo 3 or Halo Reach. While we love Infinite, this change feels right at home when it comes to game feel.

Reducing movement acceleration has an additional benefit of creating a better balance between Controller and Keyboard players. One of Infinite’s biggest struggles with crossplay is that the fast movement benefits controller input. You can strafe faster than ever before, and it becomes a much harder struggle on KBM to keep up. By lowering the acceleration, you put both inputs on a more level playing field, allowing everyone to land their shots with consistency while creating depth in strafing.

Speaking of depth, this change requires players to think more on how they’re moving. Currently, spamming left/right inputs is a viable means to avoid gunfire. The goal here was to make strafing more thoughtful, bringing back some of Legacy’s metagame when it comes to these types of fights.

Lastly, it should help a little with network issues. It’s not a comprehensive fix, but it is something!

Time to Sprint reduced to 10%.

Appearing like an extreme change, this is actually how we preserve Infinite’s identity when it comes to movement. No jumps are lost with these movement changes, and by being able to hit maximum speed faster in exchange for your ability to fire, you can still traverse the maps in Infinite while keeping the depth of an adjusted strafe.

So what’s next?

We appreciate feedback with everything we do, and this gamemode is no exception. Whether you like it, want a change, or have an idea, let us know! We’re on Twitter and you’re always welcome to ping Agoat on our Discord! Everyone has their own ideas for Infinite, and this is our take. If you’ve got a great idea on how we can make this even better, we’re all ears.

When the Forge releases, we’ll be making map adjustments as well. If 343 does not restore the skill jumps from launch, we will. And you can bet we’ll be putting that Sniper Rifle on Catalyst where it belongs.

We hope you enjoy this mode. Thank you very much for stopping by.