Call of Duty: War Crimes Remastered


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The hit video game is BACK! And this time you might want to actually play it!!

This game has improved gunplay and took out the dumbass jetpacks. You can also play Warzone (Battle Royale) for FREE. It even has cross-play, so you can play it with anyone on any platform. If you get 10 kills you can commit a war crime in multiplayer, so that's cool.

The bad news: It's on blizzard app. :negative:

They also just announced Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. It drops in November, and Warzone is apparently going to link to it in some way. War Crimes are confirmed for Cold War, as well.

Will YOU Call the Duty?? Only your killcount will tell.

play call of duty with me


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I honestly kinda want MW, but it just takes up so much space. If I got it it'd be on my PS4. I really like fast-paced shooters (especially movement shooters like Titanfall 2) I've played some Warzone, is it worth it? sorry for the necro