ANCHr Series MKB FFA was a Success!

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This past Saturday, we ran our first FFA using our newly-released ANCHr Settings, focused on consistency and alleviating some of the issues commonly found on Halo Infinite. We’re happy to say the event, and it’s corresponding ruleset, were a success! A huge congratulations to Mzrkus, who also found success in taking first place in the event!

Let’s talk about what we learned about the ruleset, and what we’ve set our sights on for future updates.

The most important thing, and the most exciting, is that not only does this ruleset alleviate network issues in Infinite, it restores the depth found in legacy titles with regards to strafing and movement. Of course, we’re referring to the 80% acceleration scale change. Combined with a faster time-to-sprint, it’s an additive change, creating new skill opportunities while preserving the ones already present in base Infinite.

While the slower strafe battles may be easier to track, the depth comes from managing your own movement, and being thoughtful in avoiding your opponent’s rounds. More of your “mental bandwidth” is being used to move, making the entire engagement a tougher affair. It’s a familiar feeling to those who played Halo 3 back during it’s heyday.

Rolling eyes fall…

Beauty in Numbers

The changes to shields and health scaling are interesting, as these changes help bring consistency to the Battle Rifle, specifically. Keep in mind, these are calculated based on values we’re able to pull from game files, Infinite does not report the final calculations here.

Shields: 140 → 112
Health: 90 → 108

Overall, players are a little squishier than in base Infinite, not just because players have 10 less vitality overall, but because most weapons deal additional damage to health in some way, such as bonus headshot damage or kinetic type explosions getting a damage buff to exposed players. Of course, this also means that precision kills come faster, as well.

The Battle Rifle deals 38.19 damage per burst, and with our settings it will pop shields in 3 bursts instead of partially through the 4th. This gives the weapon two rounds of wiggle room for the 4-shot perfect kill, which has felt great when thinking about hit registration. Lower shield value speeds up engagements as well, helping the Battle Rifle keep a better pace with weapons like the Assault Rifle. Overall, it’s been a more precise experience, even if there’s a little more leeway. It sounds counter-intuitive, but we’re not going to argue with results.

What’s next for Anchr Settings?

Our primary focus in the immediate future will be grenades. Being able to adjust their damage output and explosion radius is a big deal, and can help balance them against our new vitality values. When it comes to grenades, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Our goals here are more comparable to balancing the tires. Grenades are a critical part of Halo, and we want them to feel right at home in our ruleset.

Melee is also in our sights, even if it already works well enough. We want these settings to be perfect, not just serviceable.

Our next FFA with these settings is this Saturday. We’d love to have you, and we welcome all skill levels. It’s a great opportunity to meet some skilled MKB players and learn from the best. Click here to register! As always, your feedback is what will shape this mode, so join us for some matches then let us know how you like the settings on our Discord!

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you again soon!

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